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How best to retire your old horse

Deciding to retire your old horse can come as a bit of a challenging decision. Since Most of the time a lot of people ask? When do I really say that my horse is old? Is it out of age or out of weariness? Just like you think; Different horses can be in different conditions depending on the state which it has being, what kind of activities it has being involved in and how it has being cared for.

A lot of people find their horses still very useful to them at the age of 25-20, while a lot of people at this same age may begin to observe signs that point to the fact that the horse may be tired and not able to perform your desired functions and that old buddy is best retired. Looking out for signs such as certain sickness symptoms like injuries, boredom, where the horse is always chewing his ear and mouth, you might begin to see that he might need more than a change of environment. If you have made these observations then we can best agree that you have fully decided to retire your house. Retiring an old horse would help increase his/her life span, it will also prevent them from developing an acute illness due to the high level of stress, and also ensure that it doesn't inhibit your abilities as an owner in the first place. It might just be time for another horse to take over, while your old buddy goes to rest.

Horse Link Retirement Home

Horse Link Retirement Home DIt is among the best places that you can take your old horse. Its location is at Bastrop, Texas. Physical and emotional health is their priority. They offer intensive care and comfort to your companion. The factors considered before admission are the temperament and safety. They should not be dangerous to other horses and people. Horses accepted are both mares and geldings regardless of age. Before admission, an evaluation that lasts for 45 days is conducted. This time allows the horse to familiarize with its new surroundings.

The charges will be either monthly or yearly depending on your choice. If you decide on monthly, then you will pay around $250 USD. An entire year could cost $3,000. This alternative method of retirement will also help cover the veterinary expenses. It will also make sure that the horse receives all the care and attention it needs. Once the horse is admitted it will be able to access plenty of pasture. In any kind of weather, grazing will be easy. There is a barn that is used during medication and other times necessary for check-ups. Feeding and medication for the horses happen twice per day. And all the horses are treated fairly according to their conditions.

Understanding how best to retire your old horse, would have to come from you answering some questions for yourself. This is so you can best accept some of the ways in which you let your horse go, either for a time or forever, knowing that it was the best decision to make. First you would have to ask yourself if you are interested in being sure the horse is kept in safe hands and is cared for, while being an object of love and attraction. Or you would prefer that your horse is serving some kind of mild activity or even serving a greater good. This is important because of the attachment we have with these lovely buddies, it becomes important that we feel satisfied at the decision that we make, when we decide to retire a horse that has probably being with us for years. You might also need to consider how much you can afford to spend on caring for your retired horse.

Chester Bar Farm

Chester Bar Farm BIt was started in 1972 which is a premier horse retirement home. It is located eight miles off Sparta in North Carolina. It is on the foot of Blue Ridge Mountains. They have experience of over 46 years now Your horse will be safe in their hands. The facility has 600 acres of land. This means that the pasture is not a problem at all The horse will be well fed at all times. There is natural water from the ponds and water creeks. The retirement home has a facility manager, veterinary officers and caretakers to show care to your horse. Medical attention is given to the horse when in need. You will be pleased to hear that they consider the horse as part of them. These words assure of enough love and protection towards your horse. At this time, your horse needs a lot of pampering. It will get all these at Chester Bar Farm. Horses of all breeds are accepted her. There will special attention made to those that are sick. They will join the rest of the herd when they are well You will also be updated on the horses' progress anytime you need. The visiting times are not limited because you can visit as often as possible.

A retired horse can become an object of love and attention when people come by your home or even serve as company for other horses in your shed. If you don't plan on keeping it yourself, it can also serve this purpose, for a person who can take it on a lease, while you still have your eyes on it and maybe better decide what purpose it should serve. You can also consider Non-profit horse care providers who offer to care for your horse for a life time They provide retirement homes for retired horses while allowing you to pay just a onetime fee. This affords the horse, company, medication, attention and pasture.

If your horse is still fit, did you know, you can also donate or sell it to serve as a beginner's and for a young aspiring equestrian? This way there is little pressure on it for competition. Here you can still watch it do a little bit of stretching and going out in the sun while a rider is having fun with it Another area very few people consider is donating their retired horses, to animal science research centers. Nevertheless, you might need to enquire what the horse is used for afterwards as different research centers might have different plans for it. Whichever you decide to choose, ensure it is best for you and your horse. It never too early to start planning.