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The Honest Truth: Horse Glue

horse to the glue  DEveryone of us using a lot of things nowadays to make our lives easier and comfortable. When I want to stick something together then I have glue or some other kind of adhesive. Glue, themselves plays a very important role in daily routine.

So the question in mind arises that how this material is made or what is the history of Glue? I have heard a lot about this statement that there are factories which still synthesis Glue from animals. Well, it's not completely true as nowadays we have a lot many different procedures to produce this material without harming any animal; but as I mentioned "nowadays', So I don't say that this has completely stopped but yes, to a very great extent the scenario has transformed.

As after the Stone Age, Humans started discovering new utility out of resources around them and likewise they found that glue can also be produced or say synthesized from animals. Humans have used the living animals around to make glue material for thousands of years. The firstly discovered glue was 8000 years ago and was Collagen based material used for sticking or repairing broken pots. I don't say that animals were only the sources for making glue or adhesive materials. As the reports and resources are the evidence of the fact that humans not only discovered that they can produce it from animal's protein but also found out that egg whites, tree sap, tar, and beeswax can also produce adhesive materials, which has categorized the various types of glue depending on there origin. Middle age Journal says that, an author named Theophilus compiled a document regarding the categorization of glues.

There are glues made of skin, stag-horns, fish-bladders (now known as Insingglass), and the glue of Cheese(now known as Casein) As the Theophilus mentioned in his documents about the alternatives of fish glue he recommended Eel Skin and Bone Head of Wolf Fish. In Late 18th Century, The first commercial establishment of glue factory was in Holland used animal hides and there the introduction of glue made of blood happened, because of the coagulative property of blood. It was in long trend of usage till Mid of 20th century.

The usage of animals for the purpose of adhesive production lasted long for thousands of years and so do the expression says" horses were destined to go to the glue factor before they died'. But nowadays this way of extraction is out of fashion After the second half of the 20th century, artificial adhesives or synthetic adhesives became more popular in world as they are cheaper in cost and quality is comparatively great and also they have good self sustainability. If I take America as reference then, 40lbs. per year per person is the annual consumption of glue in America itself. In today's scenario, Synthetic glue or adhesives are more in trend due to their undeniable value for money built and usage. Those who are still into the portion of using animal parts for glue production cover only a small portion of the multi-billionaire industries of glue producers. As the university of Minnesota declared in their article, Synthetic adhesive are going to last more longer than of glues and adhesives made of animal residuals.

So nowadays, dead animals and horses aren't processed to factories for glue or adhesives but to slaughtering and harvesting factories to bring out more of it, that is there valuable meat; not only in united stated but more of the northern continents are now focusing upon the production of synthetic adhesives.