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Never look a gift horse in the mouth

But I think we can all agree that horses do have a sixth sense. And to a certain degree, when you’ve been around them for such a very long time, it kind of rubs of on you! Sounds crazy right? I know some of you know exactly what we’re talking about.

The growing spike of horsehair tail theft

There's been a surge in horsehair tail theft lately. Its pretty sick and disturbing. Like you cant just do that But unfortunately, there are people who don't care about horses and are more interested in putting a few bucks in their pockets. I love horses and I hate that this has been going on. Worst of all, the practice seems to be growing day after day. I think it's very important that we educate ourselves about this practice so we can best protect our horses. Its a crime and we need to figure out the heart of the problem and destroy it. In this section, we will be getting into why this is happening? How common it is? Where its most prevalent? And what we can do to stop it?

The honest truth: Horse Glue

You've probably heard of the expression, "Go well together like a horse and a Glue factory," Its a very derogatory phrase for horses. It makes me cringe. There's so much that the public doesn't know about how these glue factories operate. Some people probably don't even know that some of the glue they use could actually made out of horses? But today we are gonna shed light on all the things glue factories work so hard to keep under wraps.

How best to retire your old horse?

We all wish our beloved horses could live as long as we can but unfortunately, that's not the case. At some point, every horse owner is faced with the conundrum of how best to retire their old horse. It's not an easy decision but hopefully, with the information you are going to read here, it will be easier when the time comes. I think it's better to make a plan beforehand as the horse ages. An older horse may need special care since it no longer possesses youth energy. However, old doesn't mean your horse is going to be extra frail and stiff (unless you're not taking good care of it). You can start preparing for that inevitable destination by reading this information.

Online Horse Racing Games

There are so many horse racing games online, some better than others. In this section, I will be listing some of the most popular ones, and a couple of the least known. If you're into online horse racing games you may be familiar with some of these games. And if your not Well, its always great to learn about new things. With online horse racing games, you can either love them or hate them. I wonder where you fall? But before you answer that, horse race betting might just be your very own first read. This link can take you directly to Casino Games Catalog where free online gaming offers many of the best horse themed slot games across the internet. It may be a game changer for you.